Property Description

This farm is over 500 hectares with game, sheep and horses. It consists of 4 title deeds and is well developed with good infrastructure resulting in this farm having unarguably the best infrastructure in the area!

It also consists of the main farming activity and has a production and keeping of quality horses for the racing industry and is home to a very well-known and respected thoroughbred stud which recently performed well on the international circuits. But the horses are excluded from the sale of this farm. The farm is laid out boasting with various horse paddock under irrigation from a windmill and pump supplying a reservoir close to the 20 ‘State of the Art’ stables.
This farm offers a diverse typographical outlay of mountains, undulating hills, plateaus, valleys, flat land, and dry rivers beds which traverse through the farm with some of the rivers flowing strongly after normal rainfall in the mountains. This is supporting the diversity of vegetation with patches of grass, shrubs, bushes with denser riverine thicket and tall trees along the banks of the dry rivers. Due to this balanced habitat system, there is a perfect balance in terms of a diversity of naturally available food for both browsers and grazers. Kudu and Eland heaven!
A small herd of 200 sheep ewes are kept, which utilize the paddocks and veldt after the horses have grazed it.
There is a rich ecosystem where game species roam free while you enjoy the prolific natural scenes in a wilderness that is untamed, and you feel at one with the serene surroundings. It is a place where tranquility meets the inner soul.
Driving or hiking through this exclusive game farm offers an exceptional safari experience. To take exciting game drives in a vehicle which allows unobstructed views of the plains game and perhaps even trying to hunt a springbok, kudu or oryx roaming on the plateaus. Game is thriving and even game breeding is doing above all expectations in this disease-free area. In addition to the plains game, this game farm has fantastic nocturnal night life.
About 26-hectares of the acreage are utilized to produce quality lucerne under pivot irrigation. Two other 26-hectare pivots are used to produce barley and tef.
Rare game species which occurred historically in the area were Buffalo, Giraffe and even Black Rhinoceros. At present the existing species include Kudu, Springbok (Kalahari and Black), with indigenous small antelope like Klipspringer, Cape Grysbok, Steenbok and Common Duiker which roam the area. Take note that only the strongest and adaptable game have survived the severe drought of the past few years.
The total acreage of the farm is duly game fenced with 2.4 m jackal proof netting and barb wire game fencing.
Adequate water supply from boreholes that are fitted with solar pumps, secure a constant water supply to the respective game water drinking holes and the boma.
The main dwelling consists of 4 en-suite bedrooms, an open plan living room and kitchen. No detail was spared on both the interior and the exterior. The owner had several factors in mind: luxury, elegance, comfort, style, and simplicity where he incorporated a true Karoo experience into all the developments. The open-plan living areas which flow onto under-cover patio where you can have sundowners, enjoying the breath-taking panoramic views over the typical Karoo landscape and far-away mountain ranges or when dark, the crystal-clear star light sky.
There is also a manager’s house as well as labourer cottages. All buildings are in excellent repair. The farm has a good network of roads that are spread across the farm.
Three large sheds are used for the storage of tractors and implements as well as fodder.
This farm is an ideal nice to have game farm with convenient infrastructure. This idyllic area of land remains exclusive to most of us mortals!


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