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This top class dairy farm features a newly build 6000 sqm covered housing that can house 880 cows and a dairy parlour with 30 point swing over system equipped with state of the art Afimilk milking technology and 2 x 18000 litres pre-cooling milk tanks that protects milk form unwanted bacteria. There is also a 690 000 liter reservoir for the washing of housing facilities and dairy.
A generator ensures that the whole dairy parlour can keep running during load shedding. The milking parlour can handle 1200 cows per day.

There is also more than enough water with 1 250 000 m³ of natural registered irrigation, as well as 3 x 25 000 m³ soil dams and a license for another 235 000 m³ dam.
Most of the irrigated land’s water is gravity fed from the dams. The water is sufficient to have 250ha
irrigated cash crops or pasture throughout the year.

Because of the fact that the farm is situated high up against the Langeberg Mountains, it has a high average rainfall (800mm per year) and lots of water from the mountains.

A water extraction system extracts water from the cow dung collected through pipes from the cow housing unit and pumps the water back for irrigation and the ‘dried’ dung is used for bedding.

The farm could also be utilized for Almonds, Citrus, Blueberries, Macadamias or Avo’s but a soil and environment study needs to be conducted.

Currently 80ha irrigation (gravitational) mainly through permanent sprinklers 140 ha arable lands

Storage and work space facilities:
± 15 m x 20 m Shed
Feed Mixing Shed

Main house with stunning views:
3 bedrooms and loft
Fully fenced

Labour housing: 5 houses and 8 apartments

Electricity: 1 Power Point


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